Bottle Rocket Burger  |  12 + 1 for cheese  
Black angus burger flash-marinated in a house Korean bbq sauce served with green leaf lettuce, red onions, & Roma tomato
on a locally-baked sesame seed bun. Served with battered, seasoned fries. 

The Big Tuna Burger  |  MP 
Diced sushi-grade Ahi Tuna mixed with sesame, quail egg, panko, & marninated with our house-made Korean bbq sauce served on
a toasted bun with heirloom mustard greens, red onion, Roma tomato, avocado, & spicy aioli with a side of battered, seasoned fries.

Soft-Shelled Crab Sandwich  |  15 
Tempura-fried soft shelled crab with onion, avocado, green leaf lettuce, spicy aioli, & a side of battered, seasoned fries Dinner BR Salad Green
leaf lettuce, cucumber, mango, tomato, & red onion w/ a soy-ginger vinaigrette.

Dinner BR Salad
plain 7 | w/ chicken 12 | w/ salmon 14 | w/ steak 17 | w/ tuna 17
Green leaf lettuce, cucumber, mango, tomato, & red onion w/ a soy-ginger vinaigrette.

BR Fried Rice
w/ pineapple & coconut 10 | w/ chicken 12 | w/ shrimp 14 | w/ steak 16
Japanese Chicken Fried Chicken Fried Rice 14 | any combination 15
Add a fried soft-shelled crab +6

The Flatiron Steak  |  MP
Flatiron steak flash-marinated in a Korean BBQ sauce. House fries & your choice of BR Starter Salad (Asian House/Ika/Wakame).

Steak & Sushi Combo  |  MP
Grilled flatiron steak served with your choice of nigiri (2 pc) & either a seaweed, squid, or house salad. 

JFC (Chicken Karaage)  |  as is 13.5  |  as sandwich 14
A traditional Japanese bar recipe of thinly sliced chicken, marinated in our signature blend of 472 herbs & spices. Very lightly battered & fried.
Served with fries. And your choice of sauces… Japanese mustard | wasabi mayo | spicy aioli | thai sweet chili

*Sample menu – items and prices are subject to change